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A line or two of how to get on track of properly branding yourself, your company, and name.

While working on items/logos/graphics for the company I’m working for, I decided it was time to write something about branding.

Branding is a way of marketing and if you can’t market your brand correctly, then you’re pretty much going down fast.

A couple of weeks ago while coming up with plans on developing ideas further, I wrote down that we needed a tag line. One that will catch someone’s eye or make them sing a jingle in their heads that make them remember us. By accident, I came up with the tag line the other day while mapping out the sticker that I’m going to make for our boxes. It might be cheesy, but it’s completely smart and will make people remember us.

As I read a LOT of magazines, articles and watch a LOT of shows that talk about marketing, direct response, writing, business and law…all of which helps what I’m doing, I am taking note of the most important ideas and basing my “to do this” upon that.

To me, the logo must be nice enough to always keep and never change. People build trust, when something as small as the logo changes, then boom…your company has an issue.

Customer service is the biggest branding, ever. Treat your customers well. Let them have several ways of contacting you, and work deals with them. The more you help them get what they want, the more they’ll be coming back to you in the future. They might also suggest people to you.

Give out free items with your logo on it. Even though people may toss it aside after they’ve used it a while, it may help in the future.

While thinking of this, I keep thinking of branding myself. It’s difficult because I’m trying to focus on the work (our) business is doing but trying NOT to lose focus on my brand… even though I am doing that, sadly.

PITCHMEN ENTHUSIAST was supposed to be a brand a part of “Karen Maeby” representation, KAREN MAEBY [dot] COM was supposed to represent me as a whole and MAEBYS TREASURES is also a part of “Karen Maeby” representation but ONLY for selling items and eBay-focused business. Yes, I have a lot going on.

What I wanted to do with my brands?

I wanted this blog (PE) to be so business-focused and I wanted to be known for it. That hasn’t happened yet because I haven’t had the chance to write an entry every day and find lots of people’s business blogs to comment on. I wanted it to actually be focused on the direct response industry but then have topics of everything.

“Karen Maeby” brand was focused solely around writing and photography and anything artsy. I wanted people to KNOW me by my writing instantly and photos with my name on it has to speak poetry without the words. I put “Maeby” on my work because… (here we go with the tag line) ‘It’s never yes or no, it’s always Maeby’ or ‘Maeby, yes or no.’ No other one person has the name of Karen Maeby. People WILL remember that name because it’s unique. My work is also unique (only because I fight to do things difficult and the hard way but it always turns out the best). Not to mention, the whole pirate theme with me (21st century meets vintage/gypsy pirate /old soul). People will remember me if I am unique enough to the eye, mind and soul.

Maeby’s Treasures (which actually used to be ‘likemybooty’) – I changed because I wanted “Maeby” in the title. While my main site is pirate-themed, ‘treasures’ is also under that category, so it only makes sense. I want the unique part of my name on something that I’m selling so I can develop those customers and my brand.

Now that I’ve said all of that, I’ve found two fonts to represent me (one business, one fun). I’m making logos (or headers) and trying to stick with it. I’m trying to make schedule to keep writing, I will have business cards some time to promote. I already have a book out, all of my photography is out on sites with my name on it (and more to come), I am trying to develop more design with my name (like, sketches, clothing, etc) and other things. I already have a good base on eBay.

While helping build our brand for work, I’m trying to make following examples for my own stuff. It’s coming out good. I’ve redesigned the banner on this website, on and I do have a new template/banner on my eBay one.

One step at a time….

Pointers on how to make your product successful and marketing your idea.


While helping a friend out about a business issue, I came up with some pointers that I thought would be important to make mention in my blog this week. These are the pointers that everyone SHOULD know – but sometimes forget – while caught up in the moment of their business / product.

If you have a product prototype (or even an idea that you haven’t *yet* developed), here are some key thoughts you should really pay attention to before submitting your product to companies:

  1. Stop. Think about your product. Come back. Ask yourself this, ‘What problem does my product solve?’ 
  2. Then ask yourself ‘What purpose does my product serve to the consumer?’ 
  3. Next, if your product serves a much needed purpose, does it pass the ‘is there something out there like it or is it totally unique’ test?
  4. If it’s NOT unique, then ask yourself ‘Will it be a better product than what’s out there? Better enough for the consumer to throw out their old product and replace it with yours?’ 
  5. Also, please please please – if your item isn’t unique – do your homework and find out how they differ from others that are out there. Use that as the key to point out, and hook the viewer. (Also check for trademarks and names to see if your name hasn’t been taken.) —- This stuff should be the number one thing, but I’ve seen a few people forget about this, as they were really happy about their product.
  6. If you plan on submitting your product to the direct response industry where they use commercials to sell, you MUST remember that your product has to be TV friendly.
  7. How do you know if your product is TV friendly? They have to properly prove on TV (and have people believe it works). They have to come up with a few different ways on proving that it works.

While being a part of a business from ground up, I am the marketer of this company. Here are some thoughts about marketing….

  1. I’ve heard it said to me a couple of times, by my boss, that ‘don’t get too caught up into doing work that you forget about your job.’ My “job” is to be vice president, the marketer and administration. The “work” is taking photos of items to put up on eBay and the entire business that deals with that, as well as some other stuff.
  2. Marketing – from day one, YOU MUST START MARKETING. If you *only* market when your product comes out, you’re actually way behind and you’ve lost “x” amount of time. It’s not very professional.
  3. Graphics – make sure you make a graphic (logo) that you like and stick with it! If you change the graphics and any other stuff that your customers are more liable to not continue following you.
  4. ^ That above: If you have to change your logo or your name or something significant of your company, you LOSE customer trust. This being said because they wonder WHY you’ve changed.
  5. If you make it right the first time, you save yourself a lot of trouble. Minor changes can come later and it’s not so significant.

There’s lots more thoughts but tonight is the night for a few pointers.