Here I am to revive Pitchmen Enthusiast and chat about Toys-R-Us.

Three or four years ago I ended my venture of writing here at Pitchmen Enthusiast. After doing that, it pretty much ended my many years of interest in the direct response industry. It’s funny the direction that life took me–to working in the marine industry instead–but getting my own brand out there as BoatShowGirl. While I love doing that, my Pitchmen Enthusiast blog gave me a passion for business and a reason to keep up with the industry news and it helped me in the long run. It was my weekly homework to help with life and my ideas for the future. I could find something to be excited about or a piece of news that would make me want to write.

That’s kind of what happened to me recently.

I saw articles on LinkedIn about Toys-R-Us going bankrupt, and the comments that followed… and guess what? It made me say, “Wow. I wish PE were alive so that I can talk about this piece of news.” And so, here I am, I am reviving it so that I can talk about business once again.

First of all–I solely believe that Toys-R-Us is the equivalent of Sears or JCPenney in that aspect–so are we really surprised this has happened?

The last time I was in a Toys-R-Us was a while ago and their prices were either double or triple the prices of say from Wal-Mart, Target or some other named store. In this day and age, parents are looking for the cheapest price of toys so they will shop online or ads before they buy to see where they can save some money. Secondly, mostly kids want electronics now and the normal every day toys of yesterday are being forgotten, or they play with the physical toys for only so long to outgrow them and want something new. Our world is moving so fast with new, new, new that hardly anything stands the chance of being constant.

I’ve seen some mention of this in comments or other websites: locally owned toy stores are getting the Toys-R-Us customers because they lure them in by way of being personable, or set up a play station. I’m sure that’s probably true. Local businesses are back in the game.

So honestly, this is really all I have to say about that, because again, this is one of those things that should’ve been predicted a few years back.

I am looking so forward to coming back and writing about business topics! Cheers to reviving Pitchmen Enthusiast!

Side note: I have brought back some old entries that you may have read and remember, or never have read, in the event that you want to catch up to see what Pitchmen Enthusiast is all about.

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