I am now officially back writing on PitchmenEnthusiast.com!

I have been busy with working with being a part of a start-up company. I can see you nod your head there, yep! You totally understand why I had to abandon this blog. 

So here goes: I have been a part of the (start up) company I am working for since October. When I came to work with my boss, he wasn’t sure if it was going to be a small or big opportunity. It turned out (very quickly) that it was going to be something big. Lots of bits and pieces came together and fell apart but it started working out around Nov/Dec, and it’s been full blast since.

Patience is a HUGE key part in someone revving up their own business from ground up. And, if you know me, I am not the patient one.

It took forever to find a building. Then, once we did, it took forever to set everything up (offices, rooms, construction on the building, trying to figure out the plans, phone system/Internet, shop and so on.)

While writing this, I have to take a step back to look at where we had been at “point a” and what obstacles we have climbed through just to get to this “point “b”.

Not really in any particular order. My thoughts:

1. First thing is first, if you have all opportunities knocking at your door (and on your side) to start up a business from scratch – IT IS SO WORTH DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!! You do NOT have to go in and clean up after someone, you can do it right the first time (if you do things right, that is) and if something doesn’t get done… guess who there is to blame? That’s when you will figure out what kind of worker you truly are.

2. You get to do things YOUR way. Yes, if you go in and partner with someone or several someones then you have to negotiate whatever it is – but still – you get to do things your way and if you don’t have a way you get to make up things as you go. I remember all of the company policies or having to do something “someone else’s way” and most times, they didn’t allow or acknowledge new creative point of views. It was frustrating as I have too much creativity and business-sense to follow someone else’s bad direction.

3. While looking for a retail/office space, you really need to know what all you are looking for in an office. Such as, we knew about how many offices we wanted, that we needed a huge garage area, showers, place for a retail store in the front and so on. My boss looked at several places before we were able to put bets on this one as “the one”. If you aren’t a tiny ounce sure it’s what you want, it’s not. Playing the waiting game isn’t fun for those involved (especially ME, who wanted to move into an office about 3 months ago). When you find the perfect place, you will know it.

4. When you think that you have the perfect employees, you might — but you might not. Be careful how you get the employees and that you do not destroy bridges that you might need later. Also, the perfect ‘pull in’ employee might not work out instantly but you might find the perfect one thereafter.

5. Have a plan. Then another, then be prepared to scratch that and make another plan. No plan you make will go accordingly to… as planned. You will have to rethink your strategy several times due to bubbles in your timeline of when things are supposed to be completed.

There are several pointers I’ve thought to myself about helping build a business and there’s too many to just include in an ‘welcome back’ – don’t want to overwhelm anyone!

We’re still at the beginning and it’s been a very cool and interesting ride so far. When we finally get our business open, I’ll update more along the way.

Now, I can officially say I helped close down a business (Goodys in 2008) and helped open a business this year.

Very cool!

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